KIU Gives Back to Community

KIU Gives Back to Community

It was all excitement among residents of Kabalagala ( Kikua Mutwe), Makindye Division as Kampala International University (KIU) social work students cleaned the area and shine a light on the nagging problem of poor garbage disposal on 11th March 2023.

The outreach sought to build momentum for the upcoming World Social Work Day Celebrations on 21st march 2023.

According to Faith Nakalema, the Head of the department of Social Work And Social Administration at KIU, the community clean up based on a perspective that over 65% of the Kampala population stays in slum areas and that Kabalagala Kikubamutwe zone is one of those with high population. ‘’Now most infections in congested slums are a result of poor waste management and disposal.’’

Early on Saturday morning, the students armed with rakes, shovels, masks and gloves boldly got down in the garbage-crammed trenches and removed all the rubbish dumped in the gutters by the residents. The rubbish was effectively collected and heaped at strategic points where the Kampala City Council garbage collectors will have it removed and properly disposed of.

 Daniel Moyiti a lecturer in the department of Social Work and Social Administration said that the main intentions of this outreach program were, general cleaning of the area and sensitization of the community about appropriate disposal of waste.

 “If you look at the area of Kikuba Mutwe, it is not well in terms of waste management so opening trenches and cleaning this place is really enjoyable and paramount to us,” he said.

Allen Katusabe a student at KIU and a member of the social Workers’ students’ association reiterated that “we are here to give back to our community through this program of cleaning and we are proud to be social workers”.

Regarding how she felt being part of the initiative Allen said she felt incredibly good to be part of the team cleaning Kikuba Mutwe.

Musa Tumukorere also said, “Kikuba Mutwe is so dirty and it’s our role as social workers to improve the wellbeing of the people though programs like the one we are now undertaking.’’

The residents of Kikuba Mutwe zone in Kabalagala greeted the community outreach manned by the KIU Social Work Students (KIUSS) with a lot of joy and excitement.

Ismael Kinene the Chairperson of Kikuba Mutwe asserted that sanitation and hygiene is paramount for everyone.

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 “The cleaning exercise which the KIU students are conducting is a big wakeup call and on behalf of the residents of this area I deeply appreciate,’’ he said

Community outreach programs like this are a long-standing tradition in KIU which always sees students in different associations like the KIU social work students association visit different places in to conduct various life-changing activities.

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