Kyambogo University Exam Scripts Ruined by Heavy Storms

Kyambogo University Exam Scripts Ruined by Heavy Storms
The art and design structure that was destroyed: COURTESY PHOTO

Last week’s alarming storm did not only leave Kampala central in ruins but also extended to Kyambogo University leaving structures destroyed.

Among the structures was the Art and design show room where students;’ art center pieces  were carefully aligned awaiting lecturers to mark.

The winds stripped off the roof of the showroom near the university football pitch and gave way for the merciless rains to wash clean all the paintings.

According to the acting Vice chancellor, Prof. Elly Katunguka, the lecturers will determine which center-pieces to consider for marking and find out a solution to those that were horribly ruined.

Speaking to URN, Katunguka contended  that most of the work had been destroyed even though assessment was still ongoing.

“We are here with the lecturers to assess the damage and then figure out what we can do next. So far I can say most of the pieces have been destroyed,” said Katunguka.


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