The internship fee increment will only affect new students, Kyambogo University Vice Chancellor says

Prof. Elly Katunguka, the Kyambogo University Vice chancellor silenced angry Kyambogo University students yesterday over a strike that was calmed down by tear gas from security officials.

Kyambogo University students gathered at the Senate Building demonstrating for the proposed tuition and internship fee increment.

The staged demonstration started on Tuesday morning at around 11:30am  when students had romours of the University intentions to increase tuition by UGX 200,000, Internship to 250,000 and late registration fee to 100,000.

However, the Vice Chancellor noted that the increment will indeed be reached but effective next semester for continuing students. He gain added that its only new students  that will be affected by the increment in internship fee.

The increment in internship fees to Ug. shs. 250,000/= will affect new students i.e those of 2018/2019. The old fees will apply to continuing fees,” Prof Elly Katunguka said.

The Prof in his speech said that the decision to increase the internship allowances was made after several consultations with the University heads which indeed intended to improve on the services related to internship.

However while speaking to Nile Post, the University Guild President  Amanya German who is being critised by the majority for failing to deny all these increments said he is only aware of the tuition that is included on the admission letters and not the increment.

The demonstration was needed but most of our students don’t know what they want
This is not the time to shout “no exams”. They should create a clear environment for those that have paid tuition. And besides, Students should understand that when one enters a university, they sign on admission letters which clearly seals our contract with the university. So for me as far as I know. We are supposed to pay tuition communicated as per our admission and not the increase,” he said.

The situation was come on Wednesday, though security kept on patrolling to deter any intention by the students to revive the strike.






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