Kyambogo University Guild President Voted Out of Office

Kyambogo University Guild  President  Voted  Out of Office

On 02nd October 2019, an impeachment took place at Kyambogo University against Jonathan Tundulu the Guild President over alleges of lack of leadership skills, mismanagement, and selfish interest.

Jonathan Tundulu tried to defend himself from the allegations against him but all in vain, He even reached a point of pleading for dialogue with the GRCs but they weren’t ready to compromise anymore.

This process was organized by the Guild Representative Council (G.R.C.) and spearheaded by the vice president Ninsiima Hellenic for the president to leave office.

74 cabinet ministers voted in favor of the impeachment, only four voted against while 10 abstained from the process, in total 88 ministers.

The ‘House’ voted to forcefully remove Mr. Tundulu from office on Wednesday afternoon.

This all happened after Tundulu sacked the entire executive and accused them of failing to provide accountabilities, a directive that was later reversed by University management.

Jonathan was a People Power supporter who had been Kyambogo guild president since March this 2019, was due to leave power 2020

According to People Power President Hon Bobi Wine,” GRCs and Guild Ministers were paid to carry out this impeachment” read more

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