Ladies! Dress codes to Avoid for your First Date

 first date dress code for ladies
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As the saying goes, first impression matters.  Planning for the first date is not as easy as it sounds. You are meeting this person for the first time and may have vague or no knowledge about your date’s preferences.

A lot of effort should be put on the outside appearance but carry your manners with you as well. You don’t ‘wanna’ mess up if this really is a chance to our Mr. Right.

While making the outfit selection, put into consideration your dates’ taste. This could be determined from your previous conversations. An addition credit if the best color and wear question was part of your interactions.

However, there are some general ‘don’ts’ of dressing for the first date that you can discard to avoid scaring him off.

Avoid dull colors. Dull colors tend to repel most skin complexions. Bright skinned may go for it but it won’t be the best option. If you really don’t have a choice, pick plain dull colors but avoid all-mixed because it will make you appear shabby. It also depends on the time. Daytime may favor dull colors but worn at night, you may be invisible. Red is the best color for both day and night. In women, It indicates passion and desire.

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 Don’t over dress. You intention is to impress but don’t overdo it. Prior knowledge of the date venue will save you in this. Some places may be ok for a formal suit whereas others may require a simple dress or casual outfit. Don’t pull out in a pair of jeans and T-shirt for a dinner date! Don’t be overdressed but don’t underdress, just perfect for the occasion.

 first date dress code for ladies
Red adds color to your date: Internet photo

Don’t put on the same dress you had in the photo you sent. Showing up in the same dress as the photo you sent him may mean that you don’t care. This may make him withdrawn from you and may impact your conversation during the entire date. He could even lose interest unless your beauty and manners covers it all.

first date dress code for ladies
Simple outfit can also work for a casual date: Internet photo

Don’t wear heavy outfits in a dry season. It is a sunny day, why are you over wrapping yourself? You will end up sweating and kindling a funny unpleasant odor. Ladies have a common problem, when they love a dress, the weather is out of the question. Although smartness knows no weather, having an outfit that doesn’t suit the conditions will not make you uncomfortable and off-set.

Image result for first date dress code for ladiesDo not over stripe. Although you want to appear hot and sexy, do not over do it. You may appear nude to your date. The outfit should not be very revealing. Wear according to your size and figure. Some people may look good in long others short dresses. What shouldn’t skip your mind is, never do it.

Don’t put on a lot of jewelry. You are not a doll! And don’t try to look like a Christmas tree. Also some jewelry like chains can divert your date’s attention from you. It is better you accessories you outfit with simple earrings, necklace and a watch. Just perfect and elegant.

Make sure that your outfit is clean and neat. Other things to avoid are; cologne, strong perfume and a lot of makeup as it may ruin your day.

Watch video below for further first date dress code tips.


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