Let’s talk cheating

Let’s talk cheating

Cheating is a way of life. No, let me rephrase that, it is an inevitability of life. There are two things, you have either ever been a cheat or that guy you were ridiculously in love with cheated on you.

Let’s cliché this thing up, you are not the only fish in the sea, heck you are not even the only fish in the pond. It is not practical to think that you are going to have that perfect relationship where there is no cheating, yeah right, we all want to live in a penthouse but we aren’t, are we!

So you have been in a relationship with that amazing guy you met at a dinner. One thing led to another and you later become girlfriend and boyfriend. It is going great, you trust him insanely… it is bordering annoying.

He goes out to club without you with the excuse of ‘babe I’m going out with the guys’ , except when he says he is going out with the guys. What he truly means is he is going to see other girls, your mind doesn’t quite translate that because, you know, trust!

So you go on with your love life, you share wardrobes, finish each other’s sentences and what not. It is all beautiful, you have made it in life. But then 2 years in the relationship date nights start dwindling, sleepovers become so awkward you have to tone them down, slowly by slowly he slips away.

When bae forgets you had a date: And then he cheats. He probably has been cheating but this time around you caught him, when you decided to be the impossible girlfriend you are and surprise him at his hostel.

So there you have it, he cheated and you saw the girl or boy. Here is my issue, most of you when your boyfriend or girlfriend cheats, it is the fault of the one they cheated with. Bullshit!

Your boyfriend crawls back to you, he apologizes, gives you all the excuses invented by the cheating club and you take him back. Then you rain down on the one he was cheating with.

You start planning acid attacks, bomb attacks, all kinds of attacks. Some crazy ones will hire thugs to deal with this girl that your boyfriend cheated on you with. News flash, the one they cheated with, did nothing wrong. Your man or girl is the one who did wrong. Don’t be pathetic trying to check her out and stalking her. Going around telling your friends and passersby or pretty much anyone who gives you an ear that she is a whore. Or posting terrible comments on her social media platforms, because that is just downright pathetic.

Someone, after her man cheated on her and apologized said, “she is not that pretty, in fact she is not pretty, that’s not someone I’m competing with, she is not going to put me on pressure mbu my man will go to her”

Like seriously guys, that is just sickness. If he cheats, get the heck out of the relationship or forgive him. I don’t know, but don’t go making it a fault of the one he cheated with.

Now, am not supporting cheating or anything, but you better accept, even you can’t eat the same meal every freaking day, you need to switch it up a bit.

My advice is when you get into a relationship, don’t get too comfortable, because you are on a timer, that’s just how relationships work. What you can do is make sure this timer lasts for as long as you want.

You have to keep working, just because you have spent a year together, you feel his eyes won’t be wandering, sweetheart, his eyes will wander I can assure you. Just make sure he is getting what he needs. Relationships are a working progress, you just have to keep at it, until that happiness sets in forever.

New blood.

So, its fresher’s season. And cheating will be everywhere this season. So ladies or gentlemen just brace yourselves and be ready for the ‘love of your life’ to slack off a little and get himself or herself some new candy from the store.

Look at it this way, when a store brings up a new product, you try it out, then you realize it isn’t as good in the long run so you go back to your usual product. Simple as that. You just have to prepare yourself. Come with me on this, fresher’s are here. Some of them are more fresher than others. They are all innocent and pretty and for some reason they are working way too hard to look insanely good, you would think campus is the high ground of fashion week.

Anyways they will be really trying to look incredibly nice, and then your man will spot them and he will want a taste of the fresh products. You have to understand, he is only human after all. So do what you have to do in the meantime, don’t show you know he is going to check out that fresh girl from Gayaza high school, or that cool boy from Buddo or some ridiculously expensive international school, just be ready emotionally and devise a plan of how you will deal with it. As long as pouring acid on the fresher is not one of those plans. And do what you can to keep him or her from taking his eyes off you (if you can).

Relationships are not easy, that is probably why people cheat or because, like we already established, you are not the only candy at the candy store.

All you gotta do is brace yourself, because it is going to happen, and there isn’t so much you can do about it. Good news is if he is a Trey Songs, you can always forgive him, I mean come on who wouldn’t, and if he isn’t, you also can always forgive him or you can leave him and go to the candy store yourself.


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