RELATIONSHIP: What Ugandan parents tell their daughters?

RELATIONSHIP: What Ugandan parents tell their daughters?

Age 13: Avoid boys- they’re evil; if I catch you with any I will kill u.

Age 18: I do not want to see you with that boy ever again. yeee what’s his tribe? What does he do? How is his family? Are they rich!

Age 23: My child… When are we meeting your boyfriend?

Age 26: Your friends are getting married what you are waiting for? You need to do these things when we are still alive and when you’re still young.

Age 30: We have told you to stop being very choosy, but you never listen.

Age 33: There is a powerful man of God in Kansanga. He could pray for you.

Age 36: At least have one child.

Age 39: We will take care of all introduction expenses and wedding bills…

Age 45: My daughter what is wrong? Who bewitched you! All you do is to be home all the time playing video games, watching cartoons, eating and filling our toilets why did we even give birth to you? oohhhh God??????

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