Author: Tusiime Tutu

Fashion Tips: Sport your look up

Am not saying go all Usain Bolt or Christiano Ronaldo with your outfit, because that would be borderline ridiculous. What am saying is, there is a cool way to add some sport to your outfit without you having to go through the trouble of playing any sport. Sports shoes Sports shoes are everywhere this season. Girls are tincy wincy bit close to wearing them on the red carpet because why not. Anyways, sports shoes are going to rock your outfit. With a crop top or any top and skin tight jeans folded at the hems, get yourself a pair...

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Living the dream – Mr Eazi and Tekno in town

Most of you are probably fans of Mr Eazi and for some you would even kill for him, it is that creepy. Anyways, you happen to be in luck, like you know Mr Eazi and Tekno are coming through this weekend, 15th September, mark the date people although I’m almost certain the date was marked even before it was set. The good news is you still have time to pick the best outfit, buy the best lipstick (you will be damned if your lips don’t stand out), go all out and shop things you don’t really need just for...

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Happening Places: And then there were festivals!

Festivals have become like air in Uganda, we cannot live without them. I mean if they said no more festivals around here, people would actually die or strike, whichever comes first. Anyways festivals are a part of us so we might as well talk about them and treat them like part of the family. Rolex festival: This happened last weekend, and I’m telling you, Ugandans do not disappoint. Everything and everyone was there. You had yourself slay queens and then slay kings, some slay slaves made an appearance and generally people who are not sure what their social status is....

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Get it Right: Dating is not as easy as we would like to imagine

Dating is not as easy as we would like to imagine.  It is one thing to get through asking someone to go on a date with you and it is another to deliver an amazing date. Chances are high that if you offer her an amazing date, you will get to move from first base to like third base in no time. The idea is when a woman gets impressed, she will hold you in high regard (trust me, I know). Here are some of the things to do to ensure she gets a magical night. Pick a good...

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Let’s talk cheating

Cheating is a way of life. No, let me rephrase that, it is an inevitability of life. There are two things, you have either ever been a cheat or that guy you were ridiculously in love with cheated on you. Let’s cliché this thing up, you are not the only fish in the sea, heck you are not even the only fish in the pond. It is not practical to think that you are going to have that perfect relationship where there is no cheating, yeah right, we all want to live in a penthouse but we aren’t, are...

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