Living the dream – Mr Eazi and Tekno in town

Living the dream – Mr Eazi and Tekno in town

Most of you are probably fans of Mr Eazi and for some you would even kill for him, it is that creepy. Anyways, you happen to be in luck, like you know Mr Eazi and Tekno are coming through this weekend, 15th September, mark the date people although I’m almost certain the date was marked even before it was set.

The good news is you still have time to pick the best outfit, buy the best lipstick (you will be damned if your lips don’t stand out), go all out and shop things you don’t really need just for this concert, even though your precious Mr Eazi will have no clue your parents even ever thought of giving birth to you.

I get it, it is called being a fan. More good news is that you can actually afford the concert, well you might not afford the VIP ticket, because let’s get real 100k isn’t pocket change for you, what is pocket change though is 35k, not bad right!

And if you cannot afford either of the prices even the latter, here is what you are going to do. Suggest to your boyfriend that you feel the two of you need a sleep over, do the sleep over and the following day beg him to take you to the concert.

Problem is if your boyfriend is going to take you to the concert be sure your relationship is the kind that is strong. Because there is something that makes them (boys) feel in adequate, well mostly because they are actually inadequate but  they don’t like that pointed out for them by Mr Eazi. Here is what happens, you are Mr Eazi’s fan and you are not apologetic about it.

So the star will step on stage and then you will start the crazy, you know the shouting for him, the laughing at what he says that has nothing to do with being funny, the jumping up and down like an obsessed spirit (not sure how that works), and my personal favourite, the crying. Like honestly people why on earth are you crying, it is beyond preposterous.

So, your boyfriend watches you go absolutely asylum worthy for Mr Eazi, and he is not really a fan so he doesn’t get your excitement. And you know along the way you said a few loves yous to Mr Eazi (a total number of 100times), which just drove him to the edge on top of you ignoring him the entire concert, why wouldn’t you, Mr Eazi is in the house.

But he won’t say a thing until the following morning, when you wake up and he has packed your bag, and you wonder what on earth is happening. Well let me help you, what will be happening is, you and him will be done and Mr Eazi will be to blame for it.

So, my advice is go with your boyfriend only if he is a fan and if he is not, lie to him that you have to see the doctor for a disease that has not yet been invented and get yourself money to go the concert. Problem is there is no way you are not posting about the concert and the moment that you do will also be the end of your relationship.

So sweethearts you either reach into your pockets, which is a little too much even for a fan, or risk losing your boyfriend. But as a fan you have to make it happen even if you have to strip or rob a bank (whichever comes first) to do it.

Let’s just hope Mr Eazi rewards your efforts with a kick ass concert because if he doesn’t, well, I think it is safe to say therapists will make some dimes.

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