Love Making at Campus: How university girls become weekend wives

Love Making at Campus: How university girls become weekend wives

University girls University being the highest level of learning in Uganda and worldwide; many students find it more convenient to get marriage partners at this stage. Many call it the elite world, where some succeed yet others fall victim of failure.

This may be caused by poor grades or due to some uncertain conditions such as sickness or failure to rise tuition funds or loving clubbing more than books, …anyway that is called the university study or campus life.

Today, some parents encourage their own daughters and sons to get marriage partners from wherever they study from.

Like my aunt once commented, “you will never get someone to love you when you get out…. and if there are any chances, they are slim;like 1% out, the people you get out will be average not of your class”.

I believe this is told to a number of girls like myself, and because of this mentality, many university girls are becoming weekend wives to their fellow students. Others have gone ahead to become second wives to already married men.

Either for financial support or for purposes of having a man whom the friends can tag her name with.  This has encouraged cross –generation sex and also led to an increase in the transmission of diseases such as STDS and HIV/AIDS.

For good results some students have gone ahead to sleep with their lecturers to excel in their courses. This looks like bribing; but in real sense it is a sexual relationship.

Some girls go ahead to get pregnant thinking this will secure themselves in homes and hearts of their “so called husbands to be” which sometimes turns out to be the worst mistake. Forgetting that a few of these boys “soon to become men” are so timid to reap what they sowed; thinking God  who created Eve and Adam made a mistake.

 As a result many ladies decide to abort leading to loss of lives or related complications. Others are forced into early marriages because of their pregnancies.

Some students especially girls go ahead to sell their bodies for material things such as money, gadgets among others.

For some university boys are like dogs; moving from one girl to another and some do one night stand and buying of prostitutes to satisfy their sexual desires.

Although making love outside wedlock is condemned, many students go ahead to taste the forbidden fruit in secrecy and the ones involved keep it a top secret.

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