Makerere university: Achievements of Bwowe's Guild Government

Makerere university: Achievements of Bwowe's Guild Government
Bwowe Ivan, Makerere university Guild President
Bwowe Ivan, Makerere university Guild President

Bwowe Ivan, the Guild President of Makerere university has highlighted key achievements that his government has attained so far, according to a press release issued yesterday,”Office of the Guild President Press Release”.

The press release reads as follows: The student’s leadership in its periodical Makerere community and National update, we forward the current status quo in the university as a matter of principle and transparency in serving our fellow students and the Nation Uganda.

Achievements of Bwowe Ivan’s Guild Government

Solar Street Lights: Our leadership managed to speed up the process of installation of street lighting on the streets of Makerere were the administration had a pending contract but lucked students’ cooperation during other regimes. A total of 120 street lights and LED Screens on the halls of residence is going be installed on the streets of Makerere university.The project is undertaken by the support of so-lite and sharp electronics.

PHASE II Infrastructural upgrades in Halls of residence:

This recess semester, our government has pressurized the University to embark on rehabilitating halls of residence. Areas focused on include Washrooms/ Lavatories, buildings roofing among others. Among the Halls that are worked on include; University, Livingstone, Nkrumah, and Marystuart.

Part- time Lecturers back in service:

In our first 3 weeks, the university was characterized of strikes by students over missing lectures. In our discussions with different college administrators. We realized that this was a result of cutting off temporary/part- time lecturers. However, before the end of the semester, most of these lecturers were called back and payments were made for those who demanded their arrears.

Increased security at the campus:

Amidst the increased terrorist threats in the region, Makerere University has been one of the possible key areas of attack. Therefore, in our efforts as the Students’ Guild, we have closely worked with the Uganda Police Force and its Counter Terrorism department. We appreciate the efforts of Makerere University Police O.C Mr. Muchunguzi and the University head of Counter Terrorism Police Mr. Kabandizi for their cooperation. Security has been massively biffed up in the following areas; Main Library, Ivory Tower, Main- Eastern, and Western gates. We therefore urge our students to abide by the police checks and they must carry with them their identifications. We however call for more security personnel at night and increase in Patrols to keep us more secure.

The Plight of Missing Marks:

We have in the last semester made sure that this problem is handled. Most students were able to have their results uploaded online. The colleges that were affected by this problem included; Humanities and Social Sciences, Education and External studies, Business and Management Sciences, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. Meanwhile, we are still working on permanently fixing this plight since it has always affected the finalizing students of the University.


We demanded for the release of internship money. Though through Hardship, the biggest percentage has got their money. We how want to give an Ultimatum, of Three days for those have not received their Money as yet for their money to be wired or else we shall take action. We call upon students interning to keep us posted about the challenges they are facing.
We managed to ensure that 60% policy did not apply last semester and also there was extension of deadlines for Registration. I want also to note that the Policy we have been fight for ages is now being revised because it was not practical. I want to thank you for the battle well fought.


We greatly challenge the implementation of the policy that is aimed at scrapping off meals for students who reside in halls of residence. We advise the administration and government never to scrap the students meals at the halls and we shall use all we have at our disposal to defend our meals.

We challenge the prepared policy that is going to have students, staff, and other visitors pay parking fees for their vehicles in the university premises. This is absurd and unreasonable as this kind of system is actually under question in Mulago Hospital.

The 10% fees increment policy which was passed by the University Council on 19th of Feb 2014 is also challenged and we are also calling on other stakeholders to join us in the struggle against this draconian policy.

The poor sanitation and road network in our university. Most of the roads in the university are full of potholes and outdated tarmac. We are calling on the Estates and Works department plus Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) not to ignore roads in Makerere University.
We are also calling upon KCCA to fix the sewerage flow in the University. At least three Sewage pipe breakages are recorded everyday in the University. The KCCA garbage collection trucks must also be cautioned against littering the road in Makerere as the collect garbage in the University.Makerere pays more TAXES in Kawempe division( the leading Tax payer) but we do not see any value for our taxes. Makerere Should be given the first Priority

We received a letter Date 26th June,2014 of the Lecturers and Other staff Members through there associations MUASA/MASA/NUEI warning to strike and informing the University that if their grievances are not solved, should not consider not opening the University in August.

This is a very deadly move and the University Management should do everything they can to settle the grievances. Otherwise, we are sticking to the University Opening in Normal time as the Students Fraternity. This confusion every beginning of Every academic Year should end.

In a bid to reduce accidents and for the safety of our students, we are warning all people who drive cars in our campus that come next semester, all vehicles MUST move at a speed of 25Km/hr(as per the University rules). whoever will be caught driving beyond this speed limit he/she will be liable to paying a fine or face disciplinary action. This Warning is going to be followed up by the guild Ministers for Campus Affairs and Transport… Stay Warned.

Every stake Holder should Play their part and government must also meet it’s obligations For Makerere University is a public institution.

We still stand to protect and defend the Plight of the Ordinary Makerere University Student.

Yours Sincerely;

BWOWE IVAN, Makerere university Guild President

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2 Responses to "Makerere university: Achievements of Bwowe's Guild Government"

  1. El Alex Jr. on Facebook   July 2, 2014 at 9:23 am

    You should be serious….meals scrapped off for govt students , no faculty allowances , with the rampant strikes at ICT …this a govt of total failure.

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  2. El Alex Jr. on Facebook   July 2, 2014 at 9:23 am

    You should be serious….meals scrapped off for govt students , no faculty allowances , with the rampant strikes at ICT …this a govt of total failure.

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