Makerere university Guild polls: Promises of the10 candidates at the final rally

Makerere university Guild polls: Promises of the10 candidates at the final rally

10 candidates made it for this year’s final Guild campaigns at Makerere University Freedom square on Tuesday 17th March 2015.

Voting takes place today Wednesday 18th; there has been wide confusion of dates involving a lot of changes and extensions.

The contestants include, Bala David of students brotherhood,  Bamwoya Festus,  Namulidwa Stella of UYD,  Mukula George Williams,  Maine Musa of FDC,  Baguma Andrew,  Lubega Henry,  Kayondo Latimo,  Sentongo Ivan,  and Opoya Micheal of NRM.

The chairperson, Makerere university Guild Electoral commission  said voting will start at 8am and end at 5pm

“By 7:30, we shall announce the winner of the race, ” he said.

What each candidate said:

Baguma Andrew promised to improve on the students welfare and academic stay.

Opoya Micheal promises to pioneer supplementary exams to enable over 3,000 students graduate.

Sentongo Ivan labelled some leaders academic prostitutes.  “Vote a leader who is firm,” he stressed.  It should be noted that he was initially the NRM party flag bearer but eliminated a day to the race in favor of his second runner up for flag bearer,  Opoya Micheal.

Stellah Namulindwa.
Stellah Namulindwa.

Namulidwa Stellah: The vocal and only lady in the race didn’t disappoint.  She highlighted Makerere’s problem as Ddumba Sentamu,  the Vice chancellor,  who she will fight.  “I might be a woman,  but am a warrior,”  shewh said amidst cheers from her supporters. Amongst other issues were Internet and welfare.

Lubega Henry,  who calls himself a political fitting,  promised to fight tyranny at the University and save it from hooligans.

Mwine Musa didn’t spear his opponents. “Others have chosen to be tigers,  lions,  I will remain a student,”  he said. He promised to take Ddumba down even if it meant death.

Mukula G. Williams promised to tackle insecurity at  the University.

Kayondo Latimo  decided to step down in favor of Bala David. “Let the best candidate win,  the tiger(Bala David calls himself so) of this world,”  he said.

Bala David,  dumbed the return of the Tiger stressed that the main building is full of thieves who he will give no chance.

“Choose me when am still alive,  because I’m a tiger and I will bring you skeletons of antelopes, ” he promised amid heavy chants from his supporters.

His humorous statements like” To lead Makerere you need to have six skins like a Zulu warrior” has gained him massive support despite only being an entrant in the race.

The rally was graced by entertainment from various Makerere University artists including Lil Andy.

Additional reporting and photos by Zahra Abdul.

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