Mao Is Now a Frozen Politician – Says Nambooze

MP, Betty Nambooze has said Norbert Mao, the Democratic Party (DP) president general, is now finished politically and that there is nothing new Ugandans should expect from him.

Nambooze, speaking on NBS TV’s Barometer show, claimed that Mao is at a level she called “absolute zero”  after President Museveni said the Memorandum of Understanding that NRM signed with DP in July this year did not include any agreement on political transition.

Nambooze said if there were to be a transition, there should be a national conference and national agenda, and then people would agree on who should be in charge.

“When the DP members went into an agreement with NRM, they thought people would go to court, but people instead chose to give them contempt. They are now sweating with their things,” she said.

She urged Ugandans not to believe the so called transition talk, adding that as a country we have many problems that need to be addressed first than engaging in such a debate which will not immediately bear fruits.

Gerald Siranda, DP secretary general said Ugandans should not worry because peaceful transition takes time but it can be achieved.

“We can even agree to let Museveni run for another term, but we need to have a structure. All in all, we need a peaceful transition of power. It might take three years, five years or even ten years,” he said.

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