Mbatya Noah – The Self proclaimed MP kicked out of Nkumba University Guild

The smoked out MP, Mbatya Noah
The smoked out MP, Mbatya Noah

It was bad news to Mbatya Noah,  a former Guild member of parliament (MP) for school of education2013/14 at Nkumba University after the speaker kicked him out of parliament.

Mbatya had been serving illegally in the guild as a representative for Evening Students in the school of education, a post that has never existed.

The speaker ordered him to present his academic document to ascertain his evening program but he failed.

His position has been Hanging for quite a long time after the speaker learnt that Mbatya was not an evening student but was on a day program which is an automatic disqualification from parliament.

According to the guidelines of Electoral commission, any one intending to become a member of parliament should be a resident of the constituency which is contrary to Mbatya’s case.

This has been termed as impersonation by most MPs who claim that the embattled former MP could not have gone through the right procedures of election. However the proponents say that the speaker’s conduct about the matter is unpleasing and an embarrassment due to his failure to follow court procedures of eliminating Mbatya.

It should be remembered that for the past three guild governments, MPs for Evening constituency have been from the Day program.

For example Stephen Nelson LAW in Mugisha’s government 2011/2012, Wanyaka Mutebi Jessy BBA in Kayihura government 2012/2013. This could be Mbatya’s space of survival if he goes to court.

The penalty for this according to the speaker is that Mbatya will return all the privileges he has been enjoying during his short lived tenure in parliament and on top of that whatever he contributed is considered is null and void.

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