Meet Annet, the Honest River P at Makerere University Business school

Meet Annet, the Honest River P at Makerere University Business school
Annet a.k.a Honest River P
Annet a.k.a Honest River P

Honest River P (Annet) is a student at Makerere university Business school, Mabarara Campus-Kamukuzi.

She is studying a degree course in Human Resource Management (BHRM).

She shared a few things about her lifestyle with The Campus Times and below she says…..

Guiding Principle: Being honest is not a crime but it solves problems and maintains peace; that is the only principle I fallow.

Relationship status: Per now am not searching nor in a relationship. Single life is really good…..I need one for marriage and not for show.

Marriage for show.!What do you meaning? All right, sometimes we get boyfriends because of so many reasons. It could be because of feelings that cannot be controlled, for company so as not to feel lonely and other benefits like give and take…..but I passed in all such situations and time came that I was just destroying my mind.

So, are you looking at someone: I’m thinking about it. I cannot tell you that I’m totally not seeing someone.  I’m single because I don’t have a boyfriend, not in courtship, not engaged either. But I have one for benefit……hahaha

Why the Name Honest River P? I love being honest to myself. Then River stands for Namuga -which is my name and P- Patricia……So my name is Namuga Patricia

Likes and dislike: I hate traveling in my whole life though some people love it. I personally love watching and partying.

Hobbies: Cooking snacks and cookies.


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