Meet Ass Professor Andrew P. Yiga, The Academic Registrar of Nkumba University

Prior to his recent appointment, Assoc. Prof. Yiga was Dean of the School of Commercial, Industrial Art and Design at Nkumba University. In his new role, Assoc. Prof. Yiga will assist the Vice-Chancellor in the management of the academic affairs of the University, including admissions for undergraduate and postgraduate studies, examinations, research and publications as well as academic staff development.

The Academic Registrar is also Secretary to Senate, which is the supreme academic organ of the University. Oversight of the affairs of the University Alumni Association also falls under Academic Registrar.

The Academic Registrar interacts with the six Schools of the University on a day-to-day basis. His Office works hand-in-hand with the Schools as well as the University Quality Assurance Directorate to ensure adherence to standards set by National Council for Higher Education (NCHE).

Assoc. Prof. Yiga takes on his new appointment with a wealth of experience in academia, research as well as administration. His scholarship is not limited to the field of Fine Art in which he holds a PhD; his scholarship is multi-disciplinary and encompasses Design, Education, Psychology and Management. Moreover, Assoc. Prof. Yiga has effectively supervised Masters and PhD students. He has diligently taught and engaged in research as well as administrative work at several top universities in Uganda

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