MTN Signs Deal with Huawei Technologies to Build 5G Network in Uganda

MTN Signs Deal with Huawei Technologies to Build 5G Network in Uganda

The five-year-long partnership between MTN Uganda and Huawei Technologies will set precedent for the 5G network in Uganda. As part of its goals under the MUNIC strategy, the MUNA project will enable MTN to transform into an All-Cloud Core network.

“Through this project, we are modernizing our core network to get ready for 5G in the near future in Uganda. However, this modernization will also help us immediately in delivering a better quality of our voice network,” said Ali Monzer, the Chief Technical and Information Officer at MTN Uganda.

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Huwaei will oversee all the infrastructure development and implementation ensuring high-quality service delivery that competes with international standards. The two communication kingpins also aspire to integrate main network components into a central core network.

The Uganda Minister for ICT & National Guidance, Dr. Chris Baryomunsi commended MTN Uganda’s strategic approach to upgrading Uganda’s Communication systems to global capacities.

“I welcome the collaboration between MTN Uganda and Huawei Technologies. We are soon launching the transition to 5G. This will not only help MTN, but other telecom companies as well to have improved Quality of Service. In this journey of digital transformation, we are running as a country, to keep pace with the rest of the world,” Dr. Chris Baryomunsi remarked.

MTN Uganda and Huawei technologies partnership

The “Everywhere you go” network is committed and confident that its 2025 strategy will be achieved and at the same time support Uganda’s vision 2040 aims at the transformation of our society.

“As MTN Uganda, we have always been the front runner of evolving technology in this country. In 2020, we were the first operator in East Africa to do a successful 5G network demonstration. While that was a non-commercial exhibition, this modernization of our network comes in as a precursor of the 5G capabilities which Uganda is going to experience soon,” MTN Uganda Chief Executive Officer, Sylvia Mulinge.

“We, at Huawei Technologies are proud to cement our 20 Year strategic partnership with MTN Uganda with yet another future-oriented Cloud-native 5G Core network initiative,” Gavin Gaofei, the Managing Director at Huawei Uganda said.

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