Music Review: Hamadi By Navio Feat. Elly Wamala

Music Review: Hamadi By Navio Feat. Elly Wamala

Navio and the late Elly Wamala have collaborated on a song “Hamadi” that accurately captures the essence of being Ugandan.

It is difficult to find classic songs these days that are deeply rooted in the appreciation of our past, yet packaged for the future and still relevant in their content.

Hamadi” became popular when it was first recorded half a century ago because of its authentic and relentless storytelling that resonated with people of the time. The enduring popularity of the song over the years testifies to its timeless appeal and its ability to connect with people through its honesty and sincerity.

It was important to the family of Elly Wamala that Navio did the same. Real Hip Hop, real “bars” and putting a story in there worth telling.

Elly and Navio’s collaboration is unique in that it doesn’t compromise their individual stories. Unlike other collaborations, they don’t water down their experiences. Elly narrates the story of “Hamadi,” while Navio shares his own personal experiences.

Navio in Hamadi Music Video

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The song was recorded by Baru and the visuals were directed by Sasha Vybz. “The stamp of quality throughout the whole experience makes it a memorable gem to lead Hip Hop in 2023,” says Navio.

‘Hamadi’ is the first song playlisted on the “Vibes Out The East” project which is by far the most successful rap project since Navio’s “Pride” album to come out of the 256.

“We would like to thank the Wamala family for all of their aid and support during the making of this project,” Navio notes.


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