Photos: Thousands Host Lugogo for Chameleone’s concert

 Photos: Thousands Host Lugogo for Chameleone’s concert

It was singer Jose Chameleone’s second bite at the cherry after his initial concert slated for February 10th flopped following a collapsed stage.

Jose Chameleone performing at his maiden concert Gwanga Mujje on Friday 24th February 2023.

Filling up Lugogo isn’t for the mediocre artist, even the number couldn’t decide the big turnup for Gwanga Mujje concert.

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Gwanga Mujje attracted revelers from all the neighboring countries of East Africa such as Kenya , DRC, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Appearing in panther shiny silk clothes amidst heavy chants and cheers from the crowds, Jose Chameleone was in disbelief of what was in his sight.

All lights went off at exactly 9:20 pm, silence embraced the grounds, it was the coarse voice “anhhaa” rwaaa”  that awakened the crowds to getting wild with lots of chants  and cheers.

As soon as the lights got back, the legendary king, Uganda’s best export item as he calls himself not to forget the Golden part stepped on stage.

Chameleone started off with the golden days taking revelers back into the 1990s Dorotia hits, Nekolela Mali, Kipapewo , Shedaza dunia among others as he completed his first half of the performance before coming to the current hits such as Forever.

Chameleon introduced, Jackie Chandiru the Acholi’s pride, and performed alongside her their collabo song Going on.

As the crowds got hyped, Chameleone later introduced his brothers’ weasel and Pallaso who they first had a tight hug before performing.

Weasle performed four songs while Pallaso did two, Midway through the performance, Chameleone thanked his fans for turning up in big numbers and shaming his haters.

He went on to claim that he is a testimony of Gods’ blessing and existence.

“I should have now been dead, but am alive, I have a job to do, you should stop intimidating me” says Chameleone

Chameleone also thanked his father for showing up for his concert as he had stopped attending his shows ten years ago, not to leave out his mother.

The situation got intense and emotional as Fenon events surprised Chameleone with a memory lane from his children who wished him a successful concert and told him how much they loved him.

As it clocked to midnight, Bebe Cool came up on stage with his Bogolako hit , in between the performance, Bebe Cool paused a bit to praise Chameleone and promised to always give him his back whenever he wants it..

Other artists who performed include Zex bilangilangi, Navio, Meseach Ssemakula and Mudra.

Jose chameleone closed his one-man show at exactly 1:30 with Gime gime song amidst  cheering crowds that went home contented.

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