Music Review: Kyekyo By Dax Vibez

Dax Vibez continues to showcase his artistry and acting skills in the new visuals of his song “Vibe Kyekyo”.

Dax Vibez’s new song “Vibe Kyekyo” is for people who just wanna have fun and enjoy life with all the good vibes.

This year, Dax Vibez plans to drop more tracks than he has managed in previous years as he feels more musically settled than ever before.

He kicked off the year with Misege (feat. Zex Bilangilangi) and the song has been doing well on the music charts.

The beats at the start of the song put you right where Dax Vibes wants you – in the mood – before he chips in with his trademark voice.

The audio was produced by Eli Arkhis and the vintage feel visuals were directed by Grate Make Films.


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