Music Review: MAD By Navio

Music Review: MAD By Navio

Navio began his career in the underground culture of Johannesburg’s combat clubs. Mio Made established himself as one of the harshest Hip Hop producers of his generation.

However, as their Icon Studios initiative has evolved, their powers and versatility have grown enormously.

The humming of a Navio standing nearby quickly grew into words as Mio ran through some chords in the studio after recording the biggest Hip Hop tune ‘Gang’. The format for “Mad” the anthem was formed when Flex d’Paper strolled in.
The smooth tune was missing one element that would anchor it and give it gravity. Yese Oman Ra­ki, one of Uganda’s greatest writers, arrives to close up the Luganda bars before Navio arrives.

It would be one of the few projects on the album where none of the writers actually wrote, as was the case with ‘African Hustler Music’. This contributed to the song’s natural free? owing atmosphere, which has become iconic with the “Vibes Out The East” Album.

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With a smash hit in the bag, it was time to move on. Bali is well-known in Indonesia for its welcoming personality and for having one of the most stunning landscapes on God’s green earth.

With a stunning production, the Navcorp team collaborated with Sasha Vybz and a ground team led by Wayan Rodesh to create a truly amazing film never before seen in Uganda.

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