Music Review: Nana By Joshua Baraka

Music Review: Nana By Joshua Baraka

One moment you are screaming; ‘Oh Nana’, another moment, boom, the video has ended.

And that is Joshua Baraka’s crime. The artistry ends too soon. Perhaps it is the price we pay for good things, that we cannot have an over indulgence, lest they lose the magic.

That video vixen, she now tops the category. Forget Daddy Andre’s vixen, this one comes onto the scene and creates new news.

Those waist whines, she creates an orbit around a viewer’s soul, or in this case, around Baraka’s head.

And when Baraka goes into the gents to recover, as the scenes run through his head, there she appears. She takes him by surprise.

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Nana is about ordinary people doing extraordinary things, ordinary people working magic. It is the vibes, it is the art, it is the naturality of everything, the smiles, the attires, the plastic tumblers, it is the crew, and then you have a sweet memorable video.

The song was Directed by Prnz. Joshua is under Ssese Nation.

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