Music Review: Obulungi Bunuma – B2C Ent

Music Review: Obulungi Bunuma – B2C Ent

There is two opinions on this video. There is the unpopular opinion, the kind that would recreate this video better, give it a twist. There is this assumption where all beauty is ‘whitened’.

And for this video, it is beyond a whitening of beauty, it is the fact that the beauty must be propped up with make-up. The beauty that cannot stand without foundation or primer is no beauty to speak of.

If this video were to be styled up, it would be with melanin, with the essence of originality. Then it would stand amidst a storm, it would rock a statement.

But then there is the popular opinion. That the video outdoes itself on the costumes; bold colours, a bold red, bold lighting. It scores every note, but then, it is not a video to remember for it toes the normal stereotypes of beauty.

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