Muteesa I Royal University Set to Vote Guild Leaders

Muteesa I Royal University Set to Vote Guild Leaders

The campaigns are on at Muteesa I Royal University. The students are set to vote their Guild Leaders for the academic year 2023/2024 on May 12th 2023.

We bring you the profiles of the candidates who are in the race below:

Mutabaazi Steven is one of the aspiring Guild Presidential candidates at Muteesa I Royal University for the academic year 2023-2024. He is a second year student.

Mutabaazi is pursuing a bachelors degree of Social Work and Social Administration.

Mutabaazi is contesting with other two candidates. One is from National Unity Platform (NUP) party while the other is an independent candidate.

Kitatta Derick is the flag bearer for NUP while Muwonge Martin is an independent candidate.

Katana Caroline Norah is the aspiring Campus President.

She is a second year student Pursuing a bachelors degree in Mass communication and journalism.

Caroline is in the race for Campus President with Lunkuse Rose who was groomed by JEEMA. However, after the nominations at the University where the NUP candidate was not eligible to stand for the position, Rose later with an intention of getting sympathy votes decided to join NUP according to reports.

The Guild President is voted to represent both students at the main campus as well as students at the other branches of Muteesa I Royal University. On the other hand, the Campus President represents students at a specific branch.

Katana Caroline Norah with some of her supporters

The winner of this year’s guild elections will takeover from H.E Kiweewa Joel Julius, the outgoing Guild President of Muteesa I Royal University.

Brief about Kiweewa Joel Julius

It should be noted that Kiweewa won the Presidential post on the NRM ticket in 2022.

He is studying a Bachelor of Social work and social Administration at Muteesa I Royal University.

Kiweewa is the NRM Youth Chapter Chairman of Muteesa I Royal University as well as the Clerk to the National Youth Parliament for Central region.

He has also ever contested for the post of Vice President for Uganda National Students Association (UNSA)

He is strongly supporting the two candidates on the NRM ticket for the respective leadership posts at Muteesa I Royal University.

Kiweewa told Campus Times that he believes the NRM flag bearers will win.

About Muteesa I Royal University

The National Council for Higher Education Licensed Muteesa I Royal University to operate as a private University on 5th April 2005.

The University opened its doors to the public on 01-10-2007. The Buganda Monarch is responsible for the establishment of many various academic institutions and Muteesa I Royal University is one of the education institutions.

Muteesa I Royal University main campus is located in Kirumba Masaka town 120km west of Kampala.

The second campus is located at Kakeeka-Mengo in Kampala city along Wakaliga road.

Why the name Muteesa I Royal University

The University’s name is Muteesa I Royal University in recognition of a monarch of great vision, Kabaka Muteesa I of Buganda (1856-1884), whose invitation of Missionaries through a letter to Queen Victoria of England is generally regarded as the genesis of modern formal education in Uganda.

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