Corruption with sweets is not a campus trend; UMCAT Guild candidate taught a Lesson

Corruption with sweets is not a campus trend; UMCAT Guild candidate taught a Lesson
Thembo Johnson, one of the candidates in the race
Thembo Johnson, won the race

By Denis Nsubuga

It looks like sweets were not enough to convince students to cast their vote. Aspirant has been denied chance to sit in the office of Guild president, even after buying tons of sweets for electorate. The sweets were meant to lure students into voting for Ronald Mukasa.

On Monday 27th July, Ronald Mukasa, who was vying for the big political post at UMCAT School of Journalism, was disappointed after understanding that his efforts might have yielded no gain. He lost on being the Guild president for the Nakulabye based media institute.

On that day (Monday), the media students were deciding leaders of their beloved institute. The occasion that took place at the main campus in Nakulabye, saw a big turn up of ambitious voters ready to cast their vote. This was after innumerable rounds of campaigns for all contestants of the day.

An Institute with a seemingly small population of about 350 students currently, at least 250 cast the vote.

A rather vibrant event saw an organised electoral process similar to national elections. Hussein Musisi, the school’s electoral chairperson remarked that “the future of fair politics starts with the small elections like this.”

Mukasa Lost to Johnson Thembo Kachinire on a ratio of 1: 4 (loosely meaning Mukasa got only 25 per cent of the valid votes).

Thembo, who emerged winner got 180 votes leaving his rival with 57 votes. Naiga Harriet,the only lady in the battle secured five votes.

By press time, Naiga and Mukasa had reserved comments on their loss. But they were noticeably comforted by their colleagues. Other competitive posts included Guild Speaker; won by one Steven Kago of Democratic Party.

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