My Issues in South Africa Were Political Says Chameleone

My Issues in South Africa Were Political  Says Chameleone

Singer Jose Chameleon had a weekend to forget. He was arrested by Police and briefly detained after travelling to South Africa for a performance.

Preliminary information obtained indicates that Chameleone’s woes were escalated by a South African base Ugandan woman, Zaina Namuwonge.


It is revealed that she paid him an equivalent of sh18m (80,000 Rands) to perform in 2015 but the “Forever” singer was a no-show.  Attempts for him to reimburse the money over the years only yielded the event organizer more insults.

“When I learnt that Chameleon was in town, I had him arrested. He is stubborn and obstinate. He never learns,” she fumed.

Namuwonge’s money has since been paid and an apology issued.  Why she is escalating the case is what continues to puzzle Chameleone.

While commenting on the incident, Chameleone revealed that his woes are as a result of political machinations.

He believes that the National Unity Platform (NUP) leaning Ugandans resident in South Africa are responsible for the drama.  “They just want to bring me to my knees because of our differences in political opinion,” he revealed.

In 2021 September, Chameleone denounced National Unity Platform (NUP) political party led by the former presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu alias Bobi Wine.

In the same week, he received a brand-new Range Rover from NRM officials led by Nzeire Kaguta, a.k.a Toyota

Chamelone swallowed humble pie and apologized.  This was after Ugandans based in South Africa raised money and paid Zaina Namuwonge.

We have learnt that Badru Kabombo Ssentongo, the chairman of Ugandans living in South Africa, Shafique Katumba (Katsha de Bank) and DJ Ravi Hussein, who booked Chameleone for the weekend show in South Africa raised the 80,000 Rands.

It was them that Chamelone apologized and the show went on.

Even though she was paid Zaina Namuwonge is holding out for more money. She wants to be paid an equivalent of sh200m for the losses since 2015.

“I only agreed with him for the sake of the concert on Saturday, but the court case remains. Over the years I have sought audience with him but he has always rubbished me. Let him pay my sh200m and I keep quiet,” she raged.

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