National Coordinator Job – United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Job Title:  National Coordinator (NPSA9)

Organisation: United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda

About US:

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the United Nation’s global development network. UNDP advocates for change and connects countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. The UNDP provides expert advice, training, grant support to developing countries including Uganda with increasing emphasis on assistance to the least developed countries.

Job Summary:  The National Project Coordinator (the “Coordinator”) will be responsible for the overall management of in-country activities, ensuring a proper workplan and budget is in place and implemented within set timelines, with an effective national team and strong partnerships. The Coordinator will work closely with the UNDP – Country Office Team Leader Nature, Climate, Energy and Resilience and National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to ensure implementation mechanisms such as a National Steering Committee and technical working groups are established and meet regularly, that all planned workshops, technical studies and other activities are organized in a timely manner, and that they meet expected quality standards. This Coordinator, while appointed by UNDP CO and reporting to UNDP CO, will sit in NEMA, and also report into NEMA. Key duties and responsibilities include:

Key Duties and Responsibilities:


  • Oversee the identification, selection and supervision of national consultants and experts, in close collaboration with the UNDP Country Office, UNDP – Country Office Team Leader Nature, Climate, Energy and Resilience and the Global BIOFIN Team and write/revise terms of reference for national BIOFIN team members;
  • In consultation with the NEMA, UNDP Country Office and Global BIOFIN Team and supported by the Finance Assistant, elaborate/revise the work plan and budget and submit draft workplans/budgets timely for the bi- annual budget revision process (30 June and 31 December of each year);
  • Supervise the work of national experts and institutions to ensure outputs are delivered on time, within the set budget, and to high quality standards; facilitate, guide and monitor the work of the national BIOFIN team;
  • Oversee the work of the Finance Assistant to ensure administrative requirements and budgets are managed and executed in a timely and appropriate manner and within UNDP and donor rules and regulations;
  • Organize all relevant programme workshops in a consultative manner, involving a wide variety of biodiversity finance stakeholders, including the government, private sector, NGOs, donors and academia;
  • Discuss with the Ministries of Finance, Environment and other key stakeholders the establishment of a national Steering Committee and follow up on the formal establishment and regular convening of the Committee, undertake the same for any other proposed coordination mechanism, and write meeting reports to be shared with NEMA, UNDP CO and UNDP BIOFIN global;
  • Ensure a timely identification of risks in implementation at the national level and communication to the global BIOFIN team;
  • Organize bi-monthly meetings of the national team and monthly calls with the Technical Advisor from the global BIOFIN team. Ensure participation of national BIOFIN team members in regional technical calls.
  • Assist in programme related activities, where required. These may include planning for meetings, local and national consultations, trips and other programme related activities;
  • Maintain records of meetings, decisions, actions among others;
  • Any other duties assigned by NEMA and/or UNDP that have direct relevance to the programme.


  • Signal any delays in national deliverables compared to the workplan to the NEMA, UNDP Country Office and the Global BIOFIN Team;
  • Lead programme monitoring, reporting and evaluation at national level, draft bi-annual reports for review by NEMA and UNDP CO before submission to the global BIOFIN team;
  • Develop workshop reports for all technical workshops;
  • Develop briefing notes, case studies, press releases, web articles and other media products as required;
  • Assist with research and write and edit sections of technical reports as required;
  • Review all national level deliverables to ensure quality and consistency with the BIOFIN process.

Key Deliverables (products and processes):

  • Detailed BIOFIN Work Plan and Budget agreed by all major partners;
  • National Steering/Advisory Committee formed and operational;
  • All consultants and team members recruited and delivering to schedule, while working relations between team members are clarified and effective;
  • Lines of communication and working methods agreed and functional;
  • Reporting and updates provided to UNDP and government;
  • Planned activities are carried out in line with timelines and required quality standards;
  • All workshops organized in line with workplan and well documented..

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  • The applicant for the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) National Coordinator job must hold a Master’s Degree in Environment/Natural Resource Management, Biodiversity, Economics/Finance or a closely related field.
  • At least two years of experience, preferably in the implementation of environment/biodiversity/finance projects;
  • Prior experience with UNDP projects would be an asset;
  • Experience in collaborating with international and national experts and institutions;
  • Exposure to environmental issues or biodiversity highly desirable;
  • Sound understanding of key software packages (MS Office).
  • Advance Writing skills;
  • Ability to gather data and process information;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to network among the national team and beyond to other national institutions;
  • Problem solving skills.

Desired skills

  • Ability to work as part of multicultural team;
  • Excellence computer skills;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Maintains professional relationships with supervisors, co-workers and clients.
  • Required Language: Fluency in English


Core competencies

  • Achieve Results: LEVEL 2: Scale up solutions and simplifies processes, balances speed and accuracy in doing work.
  • Think Innovatively: LEVEL 2: Offer new ideas/open to new approaches, demonstrate systemic/integrated thinking.
  • Learn Continuously: LEVEL 2: Go outside comfort zone, learn from others and support their learning.
  • Adapt with Agility: LEVEL 2: Adapt processes/approaches to new situations, involve others in change process.
  • Act with Determination: LEVEL 2: Able to persevere and deal with multiple sources of pressure simultaneously.
  • Engage and Partner: LEVEL 2: Is facilitator/integrator, bring people together, build/maintain coalitions/partnerships.
  • Enable Diversity and Inclusion: LEVEL 2: Facilitate conversations to bridge differences, considers in decision making.

Cross-Functional & Technical competencies

Digital and Innovation:

Portfolio Design and Management:

  • Ability to identify leverage points in systems and design interventions that address them. The value of the interventions are determined not in isolation, but as part of the overall portfolio and their coherence.
  • Ability to design processes that extract learning on an ongoing basis from existing portfolios, so that learning accrues over time and new options for action are continuously generated.
  • Build a learning ecosystem around a complex development challenge: being able to mobilize a variety of stakeholders and help them learn and work together.
  • Understand key principles of systems and complexity theory.


Development Finance Expertise

  • Ability to develop and work with innovative financing mechanisms and instruments, e.g., social/development impact bonds, guarantees, climate finance.

Business Direction and Strategy

System Thinking

  • Ability to develop and work with innovative financing mechanisms and instruments, e.g., social/development impact bond, guarantees, climate finance.

Business Acumen

  • Ability to understand and deal with a business situation in a manner that is likely to lead to a good outcome
  • Knowledge and understanding of the operational frameworks in the organization and ability to make good judgments and quick decisions within such frameworks.

Other competencies required:

  • Highly organized person, sets priorities, produces quality outputs, meets deadlines and manages time efficiently.
  • Ability to maintain overview in complex work situations, self-starter.
  • Able to gather and process data and information.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to network among the national team and beyond to other national institutions.
  • Writes clearly professional correspondence adequately.
  • Shares knowledge and is willing to provide support to others who request advice or help.

How to Apply:

All suitably qualified and interested candidates who wish to join the United Nations should apply online at the link below

Click Here

Deadline: 26th May 2023

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