Papa Were Salim sworn in as Makerere University Guild President 2018/2019

Papa Were Salim has been sworn in as Makerere university Guild president (2018/2019)

Papa Were Salim has been sworn in as Makerere university guild president for the academic year 2018/2019 at an event held on Thursday 22nd March 2018.

He becomes the 84th guild president at the oldest public university in Uganda.

He takes over from Kato Paul who has been serving as the 83rd guild president.

Paapa Were Salim announced Makerere University Guild President 2018/209

Papa Were has promised that his tenure will be a reign of hard work and impact on both the students and the administration.

“We shall not allow guild representatives who seat and dose in offices, those who fail to do good work will be dealt with and if they fail to change, we shall remove them and reinstate new ones,” Were emphasized.

In his speech, the outgoing guild president, Kato Paul expressed his gratitude towards having finished his tenure without violent strikes. He thus advised his successor to uphold student virtues and remember those who brought him to power.

“Let your feet remain on the ground, being a guild president is nothing. Always listen to the student’s ………,” Kato Paul said.

The event was attended by officials from the Vice Chancellor’s office, former student leaders, parents of students’ leaders and a large student entourage.

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