Premier League Clubs Call for Action Against Man City

Premier League Clubs Call for Action Against Man City

Many Premier League clubs want Manchester City to face consequences if they are found guilty of breaking rules over nine seasons.

On Monday, Manchester city they were “surprised” to have been charged by the Premier League with 101 alleged breaches of financial rules spanning from 2009/10 to 2017/18.

Manchester City are accused of violating league regulations that mandate the provision of accurate financial information that reflects the club’s financial status in good faith and the club is facing up to 100 charges. The league states that this information includes revenue, sponsorship revenue, associated parties, and operating costs.

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The clubs who had been pressing hardest for action until Monday were some other members of the so-called ‘big six’ – which includes Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham.

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However, the English Football League (EFL) is not obligated to accept Manchester City as a member even if they are removed from the Premier League as current champions.

In response to the allegations and charges, Manchester City released a statement expressing their surprise.

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