Primah Kardash and Mr. Henrie Unfollow Each Other On Social Media

Primah Kardash and Mr. Henrie Unfollow Each Other On Social Media

They had a two-year whirlwind romance and detailed every facet of their private life on social media.

For socialite Primah Kardsh, her new man Henry Arinaitwe an on-air personality was that one man missing in her life.

She was smarting from a break up from singer Hassan Kigozi (Geosteady) and the dreadlocked and eloquent Mr. Henrie was the perfect upgrade.  They celebrated their first-year love anniversary with a cruise.

Before that, she had said that Mr. Henrie was the perfect father to her daughters, Soraya and Solange even when their biological father, was still around.

When you felt Mr. Henrie was performing his role to perfection, news comes that he has split. What started as a rumour last month was confirmed when both celebrities, with a huge following, unfollowed and deleted pictures of them together.

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Whereas Mr. Henrie has been spending time with friends, Primah is back to living a rollercoaster life. She was recently pictured in Dubai chilling with Meddie Moore; a showy Ugandan who is a hit with the ladies.

The act, according to mutual friends of the ex-couple say the Dubai act ticked off Mr. Henrie; his hopes for mending the affair were trashed.

To add to his misery, Primah Kardash recently let singer Geosteady into her and their children’s life during a birthday party. There was no feeling of animosity during the party.

Mr. Henre hooked up with Prima after her break up with singer Geosteady in 2020.

Mr. Henrie’s friends say he has already moved on contrary to claims that he is licking wounds after being dumped.   They claim he is dating a younger and more educated lady.

“Mr. Henrie is dating someone new. His friends are happy for him because the lady is educated and in the same age bracket,” a source revealed.

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