Project Manager Job – Enabel

Job Title: Project Manager (3 Job Opportunities)

Organisation: Enabel

Duty Station: Jinja, Fort portal & Kampala Metropolitan, Uganda

About US:

Enabel is the Belgian development agency. It implements the Belgian governmental cooperation. The agency also implements actions for other national and international donors. With its Belgian and international partners, Enabel provides solutions to address urgent global challenges: Climate Change, Urbanisation, Human Mobility, Peace and Security, Social and Economic Inequalities and Global Citizenship. With 1,800 staff, Enabel manages about 150 projects in twenty countries, in Belgium, Africa and the Middle East.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

Ensure that all management domains of the Project are covered (content/scope, planning, budget, quality, etc.) in order to ensure a smooth start-up, progress and the results of the Project.

  • Implement and close the Project with attention for proper planning and decision making and good representation of stakeholders
  • Elaborate the multi-year planning, in consultation with portfolio coordination and with the partner as per agreements
  • Develop the operational and annual planning
  • Coordinate the activities and ensure their execution, in compliance with set arrangements and procedures
  • Ensure the monitoring and evaluation system is followed up
  • Plan and organise the needs for internal and external expertise
  • Manage the main risks and opportunities and take preventive and corrective measures
  • Mainstream the transversal and priority themes in the Project
  • Be the primary contact person for the stakeholders of the Project, including the portfolio coordination
  • Promote a results-oriented culture and ensure that management for results becomes a common responsibility for decision making, learning and rendering accounts.

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As Expert – Change Management in skilling and Management practices: Provide expert input, in the areas of change management for skilling, job and entrepreneurship promotion, employment services and TVET policy implementation, in order to ensure the Project objectives are achieved.

  • Determine, in consultation with the partner, realistic change objectives throughout the results chain (which outputs, which transition/joint change management activities) based on a shared long-term vision on development and change
  • Facilitate the change process
  • Provide all necessary technical inputs in one’s thematic area of expertise
  • Ensure that external expertise is mobilised on time when and where needed
  • Keep oneself updated of latest developments in one’s area of expertise via scientific articles, networking, etc.
  • Contribute to partner entity capacity development (for management, teaching and skilling practices)

As Knowledge Manager: Coordinate the learning process of how the Project contributes to the development of the skilling and Employment sectors in order to ensure that the knowledge and/or results generated through this process are disseminated.

  • Assure the learning questions linked to the Theory of Change are well-defined in a capitalisation plan
  • Contribute to the collection and analysis of (qualitative/quantitative) data
  • Document the experiences in an evidence-based way
  • Ensure knowledge sharing with the stakeholders at the level of the Project (& portfolio), the (sub)sector as well as the Belgian and international cooperation

As People manager: Lead the team of which one is the hierarchical supervisor in order to have qualified and motivated staff.

  • Put in place an appropriate organisation in terms of roles and responsibilities at the Project’s level
  • Ensure that the rules and procedures which the head office has determined are respected
  • Determine the objectives and priorities of the staff members
  • Contribute to the recruitment of staff members
  • Motivate, coach and follow up staff members
  • Create an atmosphere of trust and accountability
  • Develop the competences of staff members
  • Promote a positive internal atmosphere and manage conflicts within the team

As Member of the Portfolio Committee: Provide the necessary input and information for the further development of portfolio strategy choices, methods and tools in order to optimise country portfolio execution.

  • Contribute to the country portfolio coordination meetings
  • Support the Portfolio Manager with promoting the portfolio strategy in accordance with steering committee decisions
  • Develop stakeholder participation in the Project area in accordance with the portfolio stakeholder strategy
  • Notify portfolio management of synergies with other Projects within the portfolio

Expected results of the function:

  • The Project is well managed and achieve the desired results.
  • Timely and quality technical input is provided to the team members in the field of expertise.
  • The Project is documented for learning, institutionalization, and scaling up.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  • The ideal applicant must hold a Master’s Degree in Vocational Studies, Development Studies, Skills and Employment, Social Protection and Decent work or other relevant studies related to the area of expertise.
  • At least five years of relevant experience in steering international development projects;
  • At least five years of relevant experience in Skills and Decent work, TVET related projects;
  • At least one relevant professional experience outside your country of origin;
  • An experience as a Team Manager;
  • Experience in several projects is an asset.
  • International experience in Project Management and implementation would be of an added advantage.
  • In-depth understanding of the various aspects of international cooperation (context, challenges, strengths, partners, functioning, etc.);
  • Knowledge in the areas of agriculture and green Economy, skilling in the formal and non-formal sectors, entrepreneurship promotion and support to vulnerable youth and women;
  • Thorough knowledge in the specific area of enterprise development for green growth and decent jobs;
  • In-depth knowledge of project management methodologies;
  • Experience in skilling for employment as well as experience in working with the private sector of Uganda;
  • You have experience in managing multi-million dollars’ annual projects;
  • Knowledge and experience in monitoring & evaluation and capacity development;
  • Experience in knowledge management or organizational learning;
  • Knowledge and experience in the education sector of Uganda, or similar contexts;
  • Experience in managing the process of innovation in a team or in an institution.
  • Very good information and communication technology skills (Excellent knowledge of MS office and internet);
  • Experience and knowledge in Leadership and People Management;
  • Skills in problem solving and you adopt a solution- and results-oriented approach.
  • Ability to show respect and are able to build relations on the basis of credibility and expertise;
  • You show engagement, sense of responsibility and integrity;
  • Ability to be flexible and to work in a changing environment;
  • Considering the working language of Uganda and the International environment, excellent knowledge of English is required.

How to Apply:

All Interested applicants should submit a cover letter and an updated CV (curriculum vitae) of 3 pages maximum using the online application link below:

Click Here

Deadline: Sunday 18th December 2022  

Only applications submitted via the above link will be considered. Qualified and experienced women are encouraged to apply.

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