RELATIONSHIP: How to balance between the search for big jobs and finding true love

RELATIONSHIP: How to balance between the search for big jobs and finding true love

Our centre of focus today is getting big jobs and finding true love. By the end of this article you should be in position to get a big job and find true love without a hassle.

{Aside} Valentine is around the corner and well, everyone is talking about love but I thought that before we speak about love we should talk about jobs because I observed a correlation between these two realities.

First things first, if you are a guy, before you dream of finding true love, get a job please and if possible a big job. Don’t be like some campus (university) younger dreamers who claim to have found true love when they still depend on hand-outs from their parents. How is it even possible? It’s not.

When you have a big job, the chances of you finding true love will automatically shoot up, just saying. Now, you are going to say but I don’t want a girl to love me because ‘I have a big job’. I want the girl to love me for who I really am.

We understand but we also don’t want a girl who genuinely loves you to hesitate to say yes when you pop the question just because you don’t have a job and she is not sure what she will eat when the two of you become husband and wife.

However, that is not to discourage you from pursuing your dream of finding true love. Like the big job, true love exists somewhere. But to find true love you need to believe without doubting that it actually exists and that you were created for that kind of awesomeness- true love.

But even then, remember that like in the search for the big job where you will do interviews for the small jobs and get rejected until you get the ultimate big job, so shall you be rejected by ladies who are not good enough for you, those who think you should get a job first. You surely deserve someone better, someone as idealistic.

And there are a number of ladies out there who actually can offer you the true love you are searching for. Remember the rule is to believe, and so forget the stereotypes that all women are gold diggers. Believe, my brother…. believe.

But also remember that the bible speaks of those who died in the faith, having seen the promise afar off but were not able to receive it. I hope you will be like those men who even when they did not receive the promise, they were still persuaded and embraced the things they believed.

In other words, like the big job that you will never get, some of you may die without ever finding the true love you are looking for but please do not lose the faith. The principle is that you find true love or die trying. Don’t just give up like that.  That is the true hall mark of a superstar.

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