Six facts and myths about Makerere university

Six facts and myths about Makerere university

Facts and Myths about Makerere. As the oldest university, Makerere is the most respected and prestigious university in the region. Makerere university is generally well-known – but not known well. That is, a number of popular myths and misconceptions have developed outside the realm of the Makerere community.

Below are some common myths, along with facts, which I hope will dispel any misconceptions.

Makerere university main building
Makerere university main building

MYTH: Makerere university is only for geniuses.

FACT : Makerere admits hundreds of students with average academic achievements. The truly brilliant students are almost always admitted, but most classes are comprised of students who meet a combination of factors, including economic background, athletic ability,affirmative action and one’s status in society and the stakes one holds in the university.

MYTH: I can’t afford Makerere.

FACT: Because of Makerere’s unequaled and well-established reputation, Many people tend to think that the university charges a lot of Money. However,Makerere happens to be one of the cheapest universities around.  I have seen many students who have made their way to the IVORY TOWER with ease. For your information, on a good day you can win abet and clear Dumba’s tuition.

MYTH: The pressure at Makerere must be terrific.

FACT: 98% of all students admitted to Makerere university eventually graduate; flunking out is rare. Students who can’t afford the course work load hire mercenaries to do course works and internship reports for them. Plagiarism is condoned since a lecturer supposed to check it has 1000 scripts to mark. Girls stand at a slightly higher advantage to graduate than boys simply because they can set cunning traps to unsuspecting lecturers and at the end of the day walk away with their degrees.

MYTH: Makerere is full of “intellectual snobs.”

FACT: Makerere students and faculty generally have retreated in a blissful slumber and rarely pursue a scholarly approach to matters affecting our society. Reason, intellectual debates and discourse which used to feature and stimulate the academic environment are no longer treasured. Free thinking is now a taboo. Makerere has “bookworms”…and as well students who spend most of their time in sports betting companies, at the beach and in massaging parlours. Public opinion has shifted from the campus and it is influenced by peddlers,taxi-touts and pick-pocketers in down town Kikuubo.

MYTH: A qualification from Makerere is a convenient one, with few classes taught by celebrated professors who have reached the pinnacle of their chosen professions.

FACT: There are almost 3,000 courses at Makerere University, some large and others small and duplicated. The average size of a class at Makerere is 300 to one lecturer. Some of the basic courses may have 400 to 500 students or more. Many undergraduate classes are taught by senior and junior lecturers. Every one on the college faculty can teach undergraduate students especially those doing research. In such cases there is unlikely to be attenuation of quality.

The professor who teaches the course is always unavailable presenting papers at international conferences and workshops, in such cases there is likely to be attenuation of quality. some have off-campus residences and all hold office which means there is always minimal contact.You will never have tutorials,study trips,expert talks and the guest lectures throughout the rest of your stay at the campus.

MYTH: Makerere university students have their lives all figured out.

FACT: Many students are always pondering about how life after university will be. With biting economic conditions and unemployment,many graduates find it hard to survive because the education system is completely disconnected with realities of the world. They are never given skills to become innovative and creative.

There we are, where do you fall………………..By Otafiire Henry

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