St. Lawrence University starts Post Graduate programmes

St.Lawrence university main building
St.Lawrence university main building

St.Lawrence university has stared offering post graduate programes in various academic disciplines.

St.Lawrence university is located 3 km from Kampala district, close to the Kabaka’s lake.

St.Lawrence was started in 2006 as a private university.

Post graduate courses offered at St.Lawrence university

Masters of Information Technology 1,420,000/=
Masters of Public Relations 1,220,000/=
Masters of Business Administration 1,370,000/=
Masters of Business Administration 1,470,000/=
Masters of Public Administration 1,370,000/=
Post-graduate Diploma in IT 1,020,000/=
Post-graduate Diploma in Public Relations 720,000/=
Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Admin720,000/=

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