Stella Nyanzi fires back at Makerere University Vice Chancellor Prof. Nawangwe for suspending students

Stella Nyanzi fires back at Makerere University Vice Chancellor Prof. Nawangwe for suspending students

Activist Dr. Stella Nyanzi has removed all her ‘F’ words to disapprove Makerere University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabus Nawangwe‘s action of suspending three students over a suspected strike.

According to Nyanzi, the action manifests  a “new found form of intimidation of students that seek to oppose his way of management.”

In a facebook post, She has used Makerere famous demonstrative slogan, “weewe”, to remind the vice chancellor of the  constitutional rights that  Makerere students posses to effect positive action against the tuition hike that has been effected by administrators at the university.

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Activist Stella Nyanzi: Courtesy photo

“It is a shame to witness a spineless weak-kneed impotent man throwing his weight around to stifle and repress dissenting views and peaceful demonstrators” Dr. Nyanzi posted.

Nyanzi cautioned Nawangwe against suffocating justice by hiking tuition indiscriminately and then suspending students without prior caution and issuing severe warning letters to others.

She pondered on what will happen to self sponsored students and those with poor parents and guardians that cannot afford the hikes in fees.

Nyanzi wrapped-up her post with using her vocabulary to show how raged she was at the Makerere university administration.

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Stella Nyanz: Courtesy photo

“Fuck toxic masculinities running rampage in our public institutions! Fuck you Barnabas Nawangwe for firing students who refuse to suck your capitalist dick! Download with the 15% tuition increment,” Nyanzi wrote.

She attached the suspension and warning letters of several students from the vice chancellor in what Nyanzi termed as an “intimidation scheme”

The activist also disclosed a plot by staff to demonstrate next week and she wondered whether the vice chancellor would fire them too.


Makerere Vice Chancellor Prof. Nawangwe suspends three students over suspected strike

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