The Monetization of the Makerere University Politics

Makerere University is one of the oldest institutions with a rich history. The University has been at the helm of producing world leaders both nationally and internationally. Among other things that the University has done is to ensure that leaders are hatched at the higher institution of learning. This has been ensured by the University making sure that the students go to polls each academic year.

Indeed many great leaders that have crossed the spheres of leadership have had the mentorship of the University upon them. However, even as the University has enabled the exercising of this right, students have since turned it into a money-making business during the campaigns. It has since been planted in the minds of the students that the contestant who has a lot of money takes the day and this vice has eaten up the students.

Talking to the former Guild President Charles Rwomushana he noted that this vice has been there as long the pope was an altar boy. However, he adds that whereas of recent it has turned out into a form of breeding corrupt leaders.

The Current Guild President says that since he stepped into Makerere University, he has observed this Vice which has barred capable leaders from assuming positions of leadership because they do not meet the monetary expectations of the students.


Ezra Byakutangaza is the Speaker of the Makerere University Guild but also the acting Makerere University Electoral Commissioner. According to him, student leaders invest a lot of money trying to win an election which tends to determine the kind of leaders that get into office.


Students say that have fallen victim to this vice. Taaka Consalata a fourth-year student of Journalism and communication says that she has received “logistics” to vote for different Candidates.


Yussuf Sserunkuma a political analyst says that it’s not surprising that students dish out and accept money from the contestants. He blames this on the leaders who have set the example at the national level. He adds that this might get worse as the years go by asking the University management to respond to this as soon as possible.



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