Uganda Christian University gives succour to Bududa landslide victims

Bududa landslide victims getting assistance
Bududa landslide victims getting assistance

The Bamasaba students at Uganda Christian University (UCU) have given hope to Bududa landslide victims. During their outreach carried out on Saturday, July 6 2019, the students visited Bududa and extended succour to the victims affected by the landslides.

The landslides that occurred in June 2019 in Shikali and Bunamwamba parish, Buwali Sub-county in Bududa District leaving 6 people dead and scores of others homeless.

Items such as Shoes, bed sheets, clothes; food stuffs and scholastic materials among others were donated by UCU students during the visit.

Mr. Wamandu Stephen the Chairperson LC III of Buwali Sub-county extended his gratitude to UCU for their kind gesture towards the victims.

“We greatly appreciate UCU students for the kind heart and for acting generously towards the situation, most especially to the victims,” Wamandu said.

A survivor who is also a mother to one of the deceased, Ms. Esther Nashuwu extended her heartfelt thanks to the entire UCU community for the provision of food and clothing. Her home was completely covered by debris leaving nothing to redeem and worst still snuffing life out of her child.

“Right now having a meal is a blessing to me, I lost everything including my daughter who was covered by the debris, I thank all the members of UCU for the provision of food and clothes to us,” narrates Nashuwu unable to hold back her tears.

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