Uganda Christian University May Semester Exams Begin

Uganda Christian University May Semester Exams Begin
A student at UCU
A student at UCU

As the end of the May semester exams begin today, 84 students were not very lucky to join their colleagues on this battlefield.

The major reason is that they could not clear all their tuition and other fees in time.

Annet Kukundakwe, the acting admissions coordinator, says that these students cannot sit for the end-of-semester exams because the university policy does allow them.

“The only option these students have is to take a dead year or a dead semester because the university policy says so,” said Kukundakwe.

However, 4,691 candidates will sit for the exams after meeting the requirements. These students will be from the faculties of Business, Divinity and Theology, Education, and Science and Technology.

According to the university’s year planner, this semester’s exams are expected to end on August 13. The semester will then close a day after for the resident students.

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