Uganda Christian University's Launch pad finds Baliruno Arthur's guild government in financial squeeze.

Uganda Christian University's Launch pad finds Baliruno Arthur's guild government in financial squeeze.
UCU Guild President Baliruno Arthur.
UCU Guild President Baliruno Arthur.

The Launch pad, a platform that hosts Uganda’s most intelligent and vibrant campus students at Uganda Christian University (UCU) held a debate on Wednesday 5th March 2015. The motion tabled for discussion was; “Has Arthur’s Guild government achieved anything, should students expect much more”.

The debate was attended by UCU Guild speaker Okia, guild Attorney General Brian Baguma and minister of internal affairs.

UCU guild government representatives pointed out achievements that included purchase of dustbins, inclusion of an extra tent outside the dining house, a good health policy where they contracted Mukono hospital to provide better services to students and supplement the Uganda Christian University‘s Allan Galpin.

The deputy speaker added that parliament was able to cut guild president’s expenses that included his trip to America and all this money has been allocated to students guild fund and will be given to needy students.

The guild government is given about 350 million to cater for student affairs but it was shocking and demeaning to find out that this money is being used to perform duties that are out of its jurisdiction.

Innocent Manuku the former attorney general stated that “the guild is misappropriating student fees or money which is illegal and an imputation of corruption not only in UCU but also in Uganda at large”, the vibrant student added that it was bad for the guild to do what other offices at the university are meant to do. It is the role of the estates and facilities department of the university to put up dustbins and construct tents, spending 5 million on a tent is wanting.

At the end of the September semester, UCU Guild communicated that it had been able to pursue the university senator to reduce tuition increment from 10 to 5%.

However, the house was shocked to learn that actually guild officials were not aware of such plans yet it should have been their achievement. Hon Onesmus stated that it seems the government is not aware of its achievements.

UCU Deputy Guild Speaker, Wilberforce rebutted and said that it was not their effort.

The house at large resolved that compared to other Guild governments, Baliruno Arthur’s government has performed for the start and it would be rude to judge them just within a two month span.

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