Ugandan Model Doreen Kabareebe Weds Corey Harris In The US

Ugandan Model Doreen Kabareebe Weds Corey Harris In The US

Doreen Kabareebe, a Ugandan model is officially off the shelf after exchanging vows with her American fiance Mr. Corey Harris in a Civil Wedding.

The wedding took place at Prince George’s County, State of Maryland, USA, just a few close family members and friends attended.

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Doreen decided to settle in the USA after she went to contest in Miss World International in September 2022.

Luckily she was crowned with the prestigious title of Miss World International Woman on September 4, 2022 on the final that was held at Coral Springs Centre for the Arts, USA.

On November 11, 2022, Doreen showed no signs of returning to Uganda after she revealed she was in a relationship by posting a photo of her new guy on social media.

On December 24, 2022 – just a day before her birthday, Corey Harris proposed to Doreen Kabareebe and she said Yes.

Today, the pair exchanged vows and Doreen shared the exciting news with her fans on social media.

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