UNASO is actively seeking an enthusiastic, qualified and experienced person to fill the position of Executive Director.

UNASO is actively seeking an enthusiastic, qualified and experienced person to fill the position of Executive Director.

The Uganda Network of AIDS Service Organizations (UNASO) is a National organization that was established in 1996 to lead co-ordination, networking, resource mobilization and information sharing among civil society AIDS service organizations (ASOs). UNASO works to ensure effectiveness, efficiency in providing quality contribution to the national response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic. UNASO has a membership of over 500 organizations countrywide which include PHA groups, national and district level organizations, Faith Based organizations (FBOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Cultural institutions and international NGOs.

Job Description:

The Executive Director will provide strategic leadership and management to UNASO and is responsible for ensuring that UNASO has a clear and compelling strategic and operational plans that are supported by an effective system of strategic measurement, risk management and governance framework. The role bears the ultimate responsibility for ensuring that the organization is organized, managed and controlled in a way that maximizes delivery of UNASO’s mandate. This position requires a mix of financial stewardship, fundraising, strategic thinking, and staff management and development. As Executive Director, you will lead the organization’s fundraising efforts, building and maintaining a strong, diverse funding base and maintain strong relationship with UNASO donors. You will serve as the “public face” of the organization and represent our work to a variety of audiences. You will also manage a team at the UNASO secretariat and those at the 5 regional network offices. You will be required to maintain strong partnerships with Ministry of Health, Uganda AIDS Commission, and development partners in the HIV and AIDS response. The Executive Director is responsible for coordinating Operations of the Board of Directors and Annual General Meeting and act as the Secretary to the Board, S/he will also build a culture that nurtures collaboration, innovation, and organizational integrity. The Executive Director reports directly to the Chairman of the Board and is responsible for implementing UNASO’s overall strategic plan, priorities and budget as approved by the Board of Directors. Under the guidance and direction of the Board of Directors and in close collaboration with the Senior Leadership Team, you will identify and pursue opportunities for growth that advance our mission.

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