UTAMU introduces New Foundation Certificate course for International Students

UTAMU introduces New Foundation Certificate course for International Students
UTAMU main building
UTAMU main building

The Foundation Certificate Programme (FCP) is a two semester course lasting eight months that enables international students with an equivalent of UCE to join undergraduate degree courses at Uganda Management and Technology University (UTAMU)

This programme is a pre-university course designed to bridge the gap for international students between high school and undergraduate studies in Uganda.

It is specifically designed for international students who do not hold an equivalent of ‘A’ level qualification which is a requirement for direct entry to Year 1 of an undergraduate Diploma or Degree course in Uganda.

The Foundation certificate course lasts for two semesters or approximately eight months and has intakes in January, May and September.

“This course is carefully formulated between the support skill needed for academic life and academic subjects needed to sustain university studies. The mix of courses offered on the Programme will set students to a path to achieving their goals of obtaining a university education. The students are provided with both technical and social skills that will enable them effectively embark on university education from a country that they are not very familiar with,” the Academic Registrar of UTAMU says.

The learning structure of this programme is such that it blends face-to-face, online and experiential type of learning. This improves their self-learning skills which are critical to the fast changing ICT world.

Candidates will be admitted on either the direct scheme, certificate entry scheme and A’level entry scheme.

The academic registrar says that one must have completed at least 11 years of schooling or equivalent for O’ level in Kenya / Burundi / South Sudan or 5 passes   in O’level education or its equivalent to qualify for admission,.

And for Certificate Entry, one  must have completed  at least 11 years of schooling or equivalent  for O’ level in Kenya / Burundi / South  Sudan,  3 passes  at ‘O’ level or a (9) months  certificate  from a recognized institution.

A’ Level graduates entry Scheme: Non-Ugandans with (UCE) and (UACE), at least five (5) passes in UCE or at least either two (2) subsidiary passes or one (1) principle pass  in UACE qualify.

Tuition fees per Semester for Foundation Certificate course costs UGX300,000

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