How Visual Impaired Students Read their Way to the Top of Class

How Visual Impaired Students Read their Way to the Top of Class
Miss Grace Night while teaching 2nd year education students at makerere university

Some people think that visual impairment in an inability but students with such vulnerability have proven it wrong.

Miss Grace Night, lecturer at the school of psychology Makerere University. She is visually impaired but that does not stop her from carrying on duties effectively.

Miss Grace can control her students despite the fact that she does not see them. She uses braille to write and read notes to the students. here she makes a code  with dots that are used to read by pointing a finger on a hard paper.

A video of madam grace night as she teaches psychology of human learning and instructions to learning to second year education students.

Mwase Farouk is a first year student doing education in Literature and English. He his also visually impaired. However, in spite of his impairedness, Mwase can read notes on a laptop using a certain software.

Mwase Farouk while browsing his laptop

Mwase however, explained several challenges that they face at campus sighting the delay by some lecturers to give them notes in a soft copy format.

He also said that they find a challenge when it comes to the movement from one lecture room to the other since most of the buildings have no walkways for students with disabilities.

It should be noted that the  entire university has only two blocks with walk ways for these students and these blocks are the Central Teaching Facility 1 and

Honorable Kamusiime Ronald is the guild minister for students with disabilities. Interestingly he is also visually impaired.

In an interview , he  said that they pushed the management,writing several letters  and also that if they do not comply with the policy that university came up with in 2014 that they would sue them.

He also noted that they had a meeting with the University management on 17th July this year and in the meeting they adopted to set up  committee made up of 11 members that was supposed to set up a disability support center that would be equipped with trained personnel in special needs education but also with the necessary requirements that would enable them to have a well defined environment for them.

Section 6.4 (iv) talks about creating a center a disability support center for promoting awareness, guidance and support to PWDs, which has never been put into effect. the policy was enacted February 2014 to guide the provision of equal opportunities for the enhancement of participation ,protection of rights and empowerment of PWDs regardless of gender, age and nature of disability at Mak.

However, according to a survey done by Dr Harriet Diana Musoke and Dr Zahara Nampewo , the policy only talks about students ,yet there are other people in the University with disabilities  who were not catered for  and thus need to be prepared in the policy.

The background of a survey according according to Dr Nampewo , was to find Mak’s obligation and standards of disability in terms of inclusiveness, equality,autonomy and independence of people with disabilities. It is very unfortunate that all these are a mere dream according to Mwase Farouk.

An audio interview with honorable kamusiime Ronald on the challenges that visual impaired students and other PWDs face and the measures that his ministry has so far taken to address some of them.


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