Top 10 Essential Items For Every Campuser

Top 10 Essential Items For Every Campuser
A laptop is very key to a university student

It’s that time again, time for another semester. Whether it’s your first time at campus or you’re reporting back for another semester, there are always those must-haves that every campuser needs (all of which are available on Jumia and can be delivered to you)

Books And Pens This one is pretty obvious, but you’ll need books and pens to take down notes during your lectures and discussions – basically all your school work.

Bedding The rainy season is creeping up on us and you need bedding that will keep you warm on those cold nights plus it doesn’t hurt if it’s stylish too, it just makes your bed that more inviting.

Laptop This is another essential that is versatile in terms of how you use it. You can use it for your research, presentations and for your course work but you can also use it as for your personal entertainment like catching up on the latest movies & series or even playing video games.

Laptop Bags You’ll need this for not only moving your laptop around but also as a back pack to store everything you need from your phone to your wallet as you move around campus.

Kettle And Hot Plates These kitchen tools are a must-have  plus they are easy to use. The Kettle you’ll need after a long day of classes to make yourself a nice cup of tea and if you’re feeling like making yourself or your friends a nice quick meal, you just plug in your hot plate and get cooking.

Utensils Another basic must-have  for any room. Whether you cook or prefer take away or you’re just hosting friends over to your room, you can’t eat without utensils in your room. You don’t want to be that annoying neighbor that’s always borrowing cups and plates, buy your own!

Flat Iron First impressions last and you don’t want to be known on campus as that guy or babe with messy clothes. Buy a flat iron to iron that fresh new outfit and keep you looking neat all the time.

Shoe Rack Keeping on the neat trend, a shoe rack is one way of keeping your shoes in order and your room just as well. You know those people’s rooms you go to and find their shoes sprawled all over the floor, it’s not a good look. Plus your shoes ending up dirtier because people will be stepping all over them. So buy a shoe rack to keep your shoes in order.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker  Your classes are done and so are your coursework deadlines and tests. It’s time to get loose and relax. You can make your room party central with some speakers. Invite your squad over, turn the music up and party on!

And finally an extension cable  to keep all your electronics plugged in and charged at all times.

Now that you know what you need to start the semester with, visit to shop all these back to campus essentials, plus more at affordable prices and they’ll deliver right to your hall or hostel!


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