What to consider when buying a Smartphone

What to consider when buying a Smartphone

What to consider when buying a SmartphoneIt is a fast growing world, and over the years, computers have been reduced to the size of a wallet, from an entire building. Even more improvements have been added to today’s computing.

Bezy Chris brings you a quick look at some of the important factors one should consider before buying a smartphone.

Type of input: By default most smartphones come with touchscreen for most of the input, and so many people think that a smartphone must be a touchscreen phone, which is not necessarily true.

Now your environment is the one that determines this, a touchscreen is not advisable for a dusty neighborhood. Manual button or keyboard input is preferred for such an environment.

Operating system of the smartphone: This matters a lot since there are quite many smartphone O.S in the market. They include Android, Microsoft Windows, MAC O.S, and others. The first point here is to buy a smartphone running an Operating system that you are familiar with.

Apparently any user can easily find their way around any smartphone O.S, so we should consider point two more. The second point is to get a smart phone running an O.S which has open market apps.

When we consider Android for instance, most android apps are free and easily found anywhere, leave alone the internet, well as Apple’s Mac apps are not easy to get, and even when you manage to get them, they are not always free… and nobody really wants to spend money on each and every app they have on their phone.
One should also consider the availability of help over the O.S in his or her surroundings.

The processor speed of the phone: Now, it should be noted that unlike ordinary phones, smart phones have more intricate processors that handle quite a variety of operations, depending on the processor type and speed.

This factor is considered by the type of user you are and what you intend to use the phone for. For instance, for an average user who only looks at using the apps like whatsapp, facebook, instagram and some of those easy non-complex apps, an ordinary smartphone is sufficient.

However, for advanced users who look at deeper usage of the phone almost like a computer, running complex apps, heavy usage, heavy high processor games will require a smartphone with a faster processor, more RAM and more internal ROM since those apps take much of the phone’s memory (RAM) and if RAM is not enough the phone will freeze(=stop working)

Size of screen:So many of today’s smartphones have a 4.0inch screen which is measured across the screen. Now, this is determined by the main purpose for which you want the phone.
Wider or bigger screens are recommended for gaming since they provide better gaming experience.

Resolution of the screen: This refers to the number of pixels displayed by the phone screen. Most phones have around 440X560 resolutions.

Now, this resolution can handle simple display, which is not what a passionate gamer or a person who likes to watch in high definition would want.

It should be noted therefore that the higher a phones resolution, the better the display and the clearer the items appear.

Brand of the phone: Yeah, this is another big factor that actually should have been among the first items to appear in the list.

It is advisable to buy from known brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Microsoft, Tecno, Huawei, and Itel. This is because most of the unknown brands try to replicate products from the known companies and hence their products are not genuine and don’t stand chances of producing the services expected of them.

They may not have the expected processor capabilities and speed and hence no value for money is realized here.

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