What's wrong with Campusers with fake English accents and slangs

What's wrong with Campusers with fake English accents and slangs

I have not heard any Kyambogo university campuser faking accent; perhaps because they don’t use the queen’s language in their day to day Conversations…..So Kyambogo- this is not for you, take the back seat please. Mutesa Royal university students, I didn’t expect you here in the first place unless you came along with a translator.

Words like Nanotechnology might choke you…So Mutesanians, abambowa, whatever you call yourselves -please Excuse us for now, we pledge to give you a VIP ticket when matters about Etoffali and Ekisakati pop up. Thank you for Coming.

Your Most welcome our esteemed Campuser from MUBS, Makerere, Victoria university and UCU. I am exceedingly glad you came; I have always wanted to tell you that your English accent is actually a catastrophe to this nation.

The boda boda guy and chapatti seller is also here to express his long kept displeasure, for so long we have all endured to your high school imported slangs and forced accents. Ferrari, Drogba, Pash, are some of
the ‘swords’ you use to Murder Our Language.

Failing to get into a university outside countries doesn’t necessarily mean you act like a muvabulaya (Froener from England) of sort, Get a life #twakowa.

Story by Ronald Twine

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