Why you should stay single while at campus

Love is crazy some times
Love is crazy some times

God created man, told him to procreate and fill the Earth, the Bible tells us. 

Basing on this, 60 percent of campus students dream of getting married to a beautiful/handsome man, own a latest posh car, a good house and much more.

But there are several reasons as to why one should stay single till he/she completes campus. So here we go.

Benefits of a single life.

  • You can dream of development ideas. As the rest of the engaged students will be dreaming of how best he kissed his boy/girlfriend, for you, you will be dreaming of how to make a strategic plan with Sir. Gordon Wavamunno.
  • You can sleep well. Since no one will be bothering you. There will be no kid crying the whole night.
  • You can save more time & money. As in no body will be forcing you to spend dimes on chips,chaps, chicken and the like. You will definitely only be worried of photocopying costs, period.
  • No missed calls at midnight since many campus students prefer calling at night when the zone is at 99%.
  • No need to subscribe for cheaper call rates like paka last. Because you will only make V.I.P calls that matter.
  • Can talk to all boys & girls without being confronted. No one will accuse you of spending time speaking to a certain chic or boy.
  • You will have time for your books. There will be enough time to complete course works in time.

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