Busoga University

National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) has closed Busoga University for failing to recruit enough qualified staff and admitting students without the requisite admission criteria.

Other reasons highlighted for the revocation of the provisional licence include teaching of unaccredited courses, illegal affiliation and poor financial health.

“Take notice that the National Council for Higher Education has revoked the provisional license of Busoga University and it has ceased to operate,” the notice addressed to the university vice chancellor reads.

The university is not allowed to advertise or recruit any students according to a General Notice No.1065 of 2017 published in the gazette on December 1st 2017.

Although the university has been closed, students who graduated form there are not affected.

“The revocation of the licence does not affect the validity of any certificate, diploma, degree or other academic award granted by the university when still under the provisional license,” the notice reads.

Busoga University opened in 1999 as a private university.

It was founded by the Church of Uganda under the Busoga Diocese.