115 Uganda Christian University students receive Guild fund tuition top up

115 Uganda Christian University students receive Guild fund tuition top up
UCU Guild President, Arthur Baliruno.
UCU Guild President, Arthur Baliruno.

The fund includes a tuition waiver of 200,000 shillings put on a successful student’s account. This year (2015) 115 students have benefited from the Guild Fund; this is the highest number to receive the money ever since the fund was started.

The fund was set up to cater for students at Uganda Christian University who fail to clear tuition by the set deadline.

The guild fund committee released the final list of students that were awarded the highly politicized UCU guild fund early this week.

Student leaders attribute this to their efforts of cancelling UCU Guild President’s trip to USA and reducing his allowances. The saved money was allotted to guild fund.

UCU guild fund has been an issue in all subsequent governments since its inception. Its is seen as an opportunity by the guild government to reward all it cadres and people who helped it to get to power.

Some Guild ministers use this time to make money by lobbying for students to get the fund and after earn a commission.

Sources revealed that several students got the fund through middlemen who were alumni of UCU and had financed the campaigns of the incumbent president.

However, UCU Guild President, Arthur Baliruno in an earlier communication vowed to curtail tribalism, middlemen and also make sure that its only the needy students to benefit from this cause.

Arthur added that if any student is found to on the list and is not a needy student or that he used scrupulous means to get the fund, he is to refer him/her to the university council and will recommend an expulsion as a punishment.

By Prof Duck.


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