5 Reasons why Eddy Kenzo won the BET Award

5 Reasons why Eddy Kenzo won the BET Award

Eddy Kenzo clinched the ‘Viewer’s Choice Best New International Artist’ at the recently concluded BET awards on Sunday 28th June 2015.

The ‘Sitya Loss’ singer is still riding the wave of his hit single that had a video so captivating with well-choreographed dancing kids.

The video garnered global attention and over 7 million YouTube views, making it the highest viewed Ugandan video here and fifth in Africa, last year.

Campus Times analyzes the five reasons behind Eddy Kenzo’s latest achievement.

The ‘Ghetto Kids’: “So I’m not trying to hate on Eddy Kenzo but the only reason his video was popular was because of the dancing kids. They are the reason the video got all those views. Am I wrong? And if so, shouldn’t they have been the ones to win the award instead of him? ‪#‎dontkillme ‪#‎justasking,” Fatboy.

Just like Fatboy, many other social media users are crediting Kenzo’s success to the well-choreographed dancing kids.

The voting system: The new category was decided by fans which helped Kenzo beat two new African artistes in South Africa’s Cassper Nyovest, Ghana’s Mz Vee and three from the UK in George The Poet, MIC Lowry and Novelist to the award.

Unlike previous nominations were artists are voted through a rigourous process, this time round, fans had to simply comment with the hashtag #iVoteEddie on any of BET’s social platforms. This seemed easy for most voters. The Big Brother series were fans vote after signing up on their website is one of the hustles Ugandans don’t want to go through.

Social media is one area Ugandans have embraced.

Unity expressed by Ugandan ‘Big’ artists: Bebe Cool, Juliana, and other Ugandan artists all rallied behind Kenzo asking their fans to vote the sitya loss singer. Indeed it paid dividends as Kenzo emerged winner. He led right from the start and it was no surprise he won.

It should be noted that Eddy Kenzo and Bebe Cool have not been Seeing eye to eye after the latter went on TV and declared the former as an upcoming artist. However, in a recent interview, Kenzo came out to say he has no biff with Bebe, only that he seems to fear competition.

Indeed many congratulated him after the win.

“UGANDA WINS!!! I cannot even find the right words to express the happiness I’m feeling for Eddy Kenzo right now. Thank you everyone who voted tirelessly and believed this can actually happen. I’hve always told people, never under estimate the power of talent.

You just don’t know what door it will open tomorrow. But most of all thank you to all Ugandans who actually voted or helped in the campaign for Kenzo. I hope you now realize the power we have if we just come together, combine efforts and rally behind our own. The power we have is UNSTOPPABLE!! Congratulations Eddy Kenzo. Congratulations Uganda” – Juliana wrote.

Competition: Many will argue that this was no match to Kenzo. Being a new category it became easy for Kenzo to beat two new African artistes in South Africa’s Cassper Nyovest, Ghana’s Mz Vee and three from the UK in George The Poet, MIC Lowry and Novelist to the award.

 Kenzo talent: Oh my GOD! The Big Talent boss has come miles. From his hit ‘Stamina’ Kenzo has remained relevant to the musical scene. The hype as regarded by critics has enabled him gain comparisons to big wigs like Jose Chameleone. Who is bigger? Is a topic for another day.

Whereas Fatboy and co. believe the ghetto kids played an important role, underestimating the brain behind the song is worrying.

According to howwe.biz Kenzo’s recent success is being treated with admiration, gone are the days when people ridiculed his English accent. Kenzo has defied all odds to become one of the most respected artistes of this generation…..Their so many parents who want their children to be like Kenzo others are naming them after him.

2009 was his breakthrough year with the mighty Yanimba track featuring Bobi Wine’s brother Mickie Wine, he has since released songs back to back, talk of Sitamina that headlined Museveni’s elections campaign in 2011, Zivuga, Super power, Nice and Lovely then the Viral Sitya loss, among others.

An elated Kenzo took to social to thank his fans for voting for him.

“Before I say anything let me dedicate this award to all Ugandans wherever you are in the world, it has been a long journey, it’s the first of its kind in East Africa. this is for Uganda, Uganda really needed this. To all my fans all over the world thanks for the support and the voting May God bless you. Am coming home God is the greatest.”

BET Awards are organised annually by America’s Black Entertainment Television network to celebrate African Americans and other minorities in music, acting, sports, and other fields of entertainment.

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